Where do dreams come from? Where is the universe?

November 25th, 2014

Where do dreams come from?

Where is the universe?

How would you answer a five-year old philosopher? My daughter is asking the big questions (usually on crowded train journeys so I feel the whole carriage is waiting to see how I’ll answer her).

What is energy?

Did someone make up all the people, what they look like and how they are? (when I asked her about this last question it turned out she was asking, How did humanity come into existence?)

I did my best (and the questions keep coming!) Definitely on the lookout for a good (non-religious) kid’s book that address these types of questions though! And I’ve ordered a book of world religions and an illustrated encyclopaedia for back-up 🙂

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Wake up your artist with lucid dreaming

November 17th, 2014

I used to believe the only artist in our family was my sister, as her drawings and watercolours were so lovely and my attempts at drawing anything life-like were (and still are!) clumsy and unrealistic. When I started lucid dreaming, my idea of art changed. My lucid dreams were so vivid and clear, I wished I could photograph them inside the dream and bring the picture back to waking reality. So I developed a collaging technique which combined magazine pictures with swirls of colour I cut out from paper I’d marbled. Later on, after a lucid dream about a treasure chest filled with ribbon, wool, and other materials, I branched out into multi-media collages on canvas with acrylics. Click on the lucid dream image below to read about  how to draw on lucid dreaming to wake up the artist inside:


Great lucid dreaming resources

November 12th, 2014

My lucid dreamer friend Robert Waggoner has set up a great new website where you can access all the past issues of the lucid dream magazine he co-edits with the lovely (lucid) Lucy Gillis. These magazines have inspired me over the years, bringing together as they do interviews with lucid dreamers and many short articles about lucid dreaming. Below is a copy of an issue I was interviewed in years ago when I was doing my PhD on lucid dreaming and the creative process. To go directly to Robert and Lucy’s website, click on the link: Lucid Dream Experience.


Click on the image to read my interview in the Lucid Dream Experience

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