Wake up your artist with lucid dreaming

I used to believe the only artist in our family was my sister, as her drawings and watercolours were so lovely and my attempts at drawing anything life-like were (and still are!) clumsy and unrealistic. When I started lucid dreaming, my idea of art changed. My lucid dreams were so vivid and clear, I wished I could photograph them inside the dream and bring the picture back to waking reality. So I developed a collaging technique which combined magazine pictures with swirls of colour I cut out from paper I’d marbled. Later on, after a lucid dream about a treasure chest filled with ribbon, wool, and other materials, I branched out into multi-media collages on canvas with acrylics. Click on the lucid dream image below to read about  how to draw on lucid dreaming to wake up the artist inside:


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  1. Preeta, November 26, 2014 at 12:30 pm

    I love the treasure chest dream! I am a lucid dreamer but never thought to try asking the dream for something creative, will try this. thanks

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