Live lucid dreaming interview

I’ll be talking about lucid dreaming techniques and how to tap into the magical creativity of the dreaming mind, as well as sharing my Lucid Writing method.

This is a one-hour audio interview with the International Association of Creative and Conscious Writers, and if you want to tune in and listen live, it’s on 10th April at 4pm BST. Or you can pick up the interview recording after the event – perhaps to coincide with Lucid Dreaming Day on 12th April, which celebrates the day lucid dreaming was scientifically proved back in 1975 by Dr Keith Hearne. Either way, all you need to do is login as a (free) member of the IACCW by clicking on the title link below.

Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Writing: Creative Tools for Conscious Writers


Guest Dr Clare Johnson
Date Thursday 10th April
Time 16:00 BST/11:00 EST

Lucid dreaming is when you know that you are dreaming, and can consciously guide and shape the dream if you want to. It is currently a very hot topic. Academic, experiential and scientific research is showing that waking up in a dream can benefit us in terms of creative thinking, problem-solving, dissolving psychological or creative blocks and improving skills. It can also help us to live our lives more consciously.

It can be difficult for some people to learn to lucid dream. With Lucid Writing, which is like a waking version of lucid dreaming, you can create your own lucid dream while sitting at your writing desk and benefit from the creative depths and original insights this technique can lead to.

Join lucid dream researcher, writer and workshop facilitator Dr Clare Johnson to learn more about lucid dreaming and to learn the technique of Lucid Writing that she developed as part of her doctoral research. The first draft of Dr Johnson’s first novel, Breathing in Colour, emerged almost entirely from her Lucid Writing and she drew on her lucid dreams at every stage of the creative process.

By the end of this talk you’ll understand:

  • What lucid dreaming is and what it can do for you as a conscious writer
  • How working with dream imagery both during and after the dream can lead to surprising insights and deep psychological truths, and in doing so, enhance your writing practice
  • How to turn off your critical mind and enable your imagination to flow freely
  • How to use Lucid Writing as a creative tool
  • How to become more conscious in your waking life as well as in your dreams

Dr Clare Johnson was the first doctoral researcher to explore lucid dreaming as an aid to creativity. She developed the Lucid Writing technique, which can help with nightmares, creative thinking, artistic processes and conscious living. She has been teaching this technique for a decade at international workshops and creativity retreats, and recently introduced an entire auditorium of people to it at the Gateways of the Mind conference in London.

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  1. Lina, April 8, 2014 at 6:17 pm

    I want to hear this! Can’t make the live interview but will pick it up afterwards 🙂

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