Exciting consciousness-raising weekend!

I’m packing today (or I’m supposed to be) because tomorrow I fly to the UK to see family and then I’ll head over to London for a wonderful weekend conference where topics from death and near-death experiences to Sufism will be explored.  Last year I spoke on lucid dreaming and was impressed by the audience’s willingness to try ‘lucid dreaming while awake’ via my Lucid Writing technique. This year there are meditations, sound baths, and a dance workshop. It’s called Gateways of the Mind and it’s happening in the Tabernacle, London, on Sat 8th and Sun 9th November.

Sitting on last year’s Lucidity Panel with (from left) Robert Waggoner, Stanley Krippner, Michael Winn and Martin Duffy. Click on the photo for a link to info about this year’s event. Hope to see you there!





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